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A specialized manufacturing enterprise engaged in the production, forging and sale of used and end-of-life recycling equipment
    Experienced Sales and Engineering staff recommend the best solutions to customers in a timely and expeditious manner
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    Products are sold at home and abroad in 15 countries and regions, can provide cheap on-site visits
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    The company adheres to the "quality based, honesty based" business philosophy
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    We provide you with professional product technical support and maintenance services.
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  Dongguan Saiko machinery co., LTD was founded in 2010.Located in the coastal cities of dongguan of Guangdong province. The superior geographical position has fast and convenient shipment. We are mainly involved in r&d and have different kinds of plastic recycling production line and solutions, such as solutions of PET plastic bottle recycling, the ABS/PS recycling, HDPE LDPE PP recycling etc


Saiko is the one of professional factories which mainly dedicated to the improvement of the production, technology, management and innovation. We make machines that are sold  to over 30 countries and regions.We always provide  machines according to customer's requirements that is just to meet the customer's demand for high quality product, precision,various aspects and long time cooperation

We have experience in production & Managements also Saiko has created a large number of technical teams.The company constantly introduces advanced technology which is updated frequently with great quality and outstanding performance that can be enjoyed. 


Saiko has first class sales and a technical service team. We are not only making machines, but also help customers with project designs and production services.we provide  pre-sales ,sales, after sales, and tracking service.


Saiko will persist in the principle of steady, Professional, Dedicated, Innovation, Environmental protection as the purpose of factory.  Honest, Trustworthy, Mutually beneficial win-win as the concept of services & go on to provide customers with high-quality products, Excellent after-sales services & making our  customers receiving the first-class products, Satisfactory services.




  • Old big blue bucket category
  • Waste milk bottles
  • Waste film
  • Waste woven bags
  • Waste acrylic materials
  • Waste appliances
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